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Algebraic Inequalities. Polynomial and Rational Symmetric Inequalities - volume 1

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Titlu: Algebraic Inequalities. Polynomial and Rational Symmetric Inequalities - volume 1

Autori Cirtoaje Vasile

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The book is a rich source of beautiful, serious and profound mathematics, dealing with classical and new approaches and techniques which help the reader to develop its inequality-solving skills, intuition and creativity.

As a result, it is suitable for a wide variety of audiences; high school students and teachers, college and university students, mathematics educators and mathematicians will find something of interest here. Each problem has a hint, and many problems have multiple solutions, almost all of which are, not surprisingly, quite ingenious.

Almost all inequalities presented in this book require careful thought and analysis, making the book a rich and rewarding source for anyone interested in Olympiad - type problems and in development of algebraic inequalities. Some long problems and methods could be used in a classroom for advanced high school students as group projects.

The difficulty level of the problems makes the book most suitable for the bright high school or undergraduate mathematics students.



1. Symmetric Polynomial Inequalities in Real Variables
1.1 Statements
1.2 Solutions
2. Symmetric Polynomial Inequalities in Nonnegative Variables
2.1 Statements
2.2 Solutions
3. Symmetric Rational Inequalities
3.1 Statements
3.2 Solutions

A Glossary
B Bibliography
C Index

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