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Olympiad Inequalities

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Titlu: Olympiad Inequalities

Autori Xiong Bin, Iurie Boreico, Aleksandar Bulj, Vo Quoc Ba Can, Mircea Lascu
Pagini 444

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322,00 RON
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This book is intended for the mathematical olympiad students who want to familiarise themselves with several methods for solving inequalities, providing a collection of problems which were set at the most renown mathematical competitions in the world throughout the past five decades (from 1962 to 2012). The book is divided into two standard chapters, the first consisting of the statement of the problems and the second one presenting their solutions. The problems are ordered chronologically, and consequently the difficulty increases as we approach the more recent years. In this sense, the book highlights the evolution of the set of tools and techniques one requires to be familiarised with for solving olympiad questions and also helps the reader maintain a constant learning pace, according to their individual background.


1 Problems
2 Solutions

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