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Old & New Inequalities volume II

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Titlu: Old & New Inequalities volume II

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In the pages that follow, we present a large variety of problems involving such inequalities, questions that became famous in (mathematical) competitions or journals because of their beauty. The most important prerequisite for benefiting from this book is the desire to master the craft of discovery and proof. The formal requirements are quite modest. Anyone who knows basic inequalities such as the ones of Cauchy-Schwarz, Holder, Schur, Chebyshev or Bernoulli is well prepared for almost everything to be found here. The student who is not that experienced will also be exposed in the first part to a wide combination of moderate and easy problems, ideas, techniques, and all the ingredients leading to a good preparation for mathematical contests. Some of the problems we chose to discuss are known, but we have included them here with new solutions which show the diversity of ideas pertaining to inequalities. Nevertheless, the book develops many results which are rarely seen, and even experienced readers are likely to find material that is challenging and informative.

To solve a problem is a very human undertaking, and more than a little mystery remains about how we best guide ourselves to the discovery of original solutions. Still, as George Polya and the others have taught us, there are principles of problem solving. With practice and good coaching we can all improve our skills. Just like singers, actors, or pianists, we have a path toward a deeper mastery of our craft.




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