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An Introduction to Inequalities
275,00 RON
This book gathers these methods and tricks into a compact guide. It starts from the very basics, but covers almost all elementary methods known today (aside from a few very advanced ones). At higher levels of competition, good contestants are pretty much expected to know every technique listed here - meaning that there do appear inequalities that fit every presented category. Conversely, the vast majority of inequalities that do appear may be assigned to one of the sections of the book.

That being said, the present work is not meant as a textbook, or a comprehensive training material. It is very compact and fast-paced. There are a few examples for every subject, but to fully assimilate said subject, one needs to look elsewhere for more practice problems. The reader who truly starts ”from scratch” may quickly find him/herself overwhelmed by the pace and the increasing difficulty of the content; may this entirely normal impression not deter the student from pushing through!

Rather, the book is meant as crash course introduction to all facets of the subject, and as a reference guide. The readerwill get acquainted with all themethods, but must practice each tool on his/her own, using other sources. The one truth about competitive math is that solving problems is the most important part of learning. This holds just as true for inequalities and fortunately there are a lot of them out there to be used for training purposes.
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Secrets in Inequalities - basic inequalities
105,00 RON
It is true that there are very many books on inequalities and you have all the right to be bored and tired of them. But we tell you that this is not the case with this one. Just read the proof of Nesbitt's Inequality in the very beginning of the material, and you will understand exactly what we mean.

Every topic is described through various and numerous examples taken from many sources, especially from math contests around the world, from recent contests and recent books, of from (more or less) specialized sites on the Internet, which makes the book very lively and interesting to read for those who are involved in such activities, students and teachers from all over the world.

Don't let the problems overwhelm you, though they are quite impressive problems, study applications of the first five basic inequalities mentioned above, plus the Abel formula, symmetric inequalities and the derivative method. Now relax with the AM-GM inequality - the foundational brick of inequalities. Află mai mult

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Old & New Inequalities
90,00 RON
This work blends together classic inequality results with brand new problems, some of which devised only a few days ago. What could be special about it when so many inequality problem books have already been written? We strongly believe that even if the topic we plunge into is so general and popular our book is very different. Of course, it is quite easy to say this, so we will give some supporting arguments. This book contains a large variety of problems involving inequalities, most of them difficult, questions that became famous in competitions because of their beauty and difficulty.

Some of the problems we chose to present are known, but we have included them here with new solutions which show the diversity of ideas pertaining to inequalities. Anyone will find here a challenge to prove his or her skills. If we have not convinced you, then please take a look at the last problems and hopefully you will agree with us. Află mai mult

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Old & New Inequalities volume II
75,00 RON
In the pages that follow, we present a large variety of problems involving such inequalities, questions that became famous in (mathematical) competitions or journals because of their beauty. The most important prerequisite for benefiting from this book is the desire to master the craft of discovery and proof. The formal requirements are quite modest. Anyone who knows basic inequalities such as the ones of Cauchy-Schwarz, Holder, Schur, Chebyshev or Bernoulli is well prepared for almost everything to be found here. The student who is not that experienced will also be exposed in the first part to a wide combination of moderate and easy problems, ideas, techniques, and all the ingredients leading to a good preparation for mathematical contests. Some of the problems we chose to discuss are known, but we have included them here with new solutions which show the diversity of ideas pertaining to inequalities. Nevertheless, the book develops many results which are rarely seen, and even experienced readers are likely to find material that is challenging and informative.

To solve a problem is a very human undertaking, and more than a little mystery remains about how we best guide ourselves to the discovery of original solutions. Still, as George Polya and the others have taught us, there are principles of problem solving. With practice and good coaching we can all improve our skills. Just like singers, actors, or pianists, we have a path toward a deeper mastery of our craft. Află mai mult

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Elementary Combinatorial Geometry
46,00 RON
The aim of this book is to present some ideas, methods and topics in elementary combinatorial geometry. Even if most of the book can be understood without any mathematical background, so it is accessible for 12-14 years old children too, we recommend it to high school students and college students as an introduction to a few topics in combinatorial (or convex) geometry (counting problems, pigeonhole principle, Helly's theorem, Sperner lemma). Our approach is basically an elementary one, but it is useful to know some combinatorial techniques and some basic notions. These notions appear in the subject index, so they can be identified easily.

The main purpose was not to create an exhaustive collection, but to offer a quick and short overview, to present a few properties which have surprising applications also in higher mathematics (the Sperner lemma) and to show some interesting ways of generalizations. So this book wants to be a kind of bridge between elementary problems and university courses. Află mai mult

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